On the leash, in the home, or wherever your dog is experiencing difficulty with their environment.

The Unique Challenges of Reactivity

Jumping up on guests, counter surfing, using the bathroom in the home, pulling on the leash– these are things that are annoying, but most people expect to have to train for them when getting a dog.

But reactivity is different.

People are often blindsided by it, whether they adopted an adult dog from the shelter who seemed to be fine with other dogs, or had their dog from 8 weeks old. There is an initial period of shock when a dog develops reactivity, accompanied with thinking it’s just a one-off event. Then the reactive outbursts from your dog grow more frequent. You often find yourself shouting to the other person walking their dog across the street, “Sorry! I don’t know what’s gotten into her! She’s not usually like this, I promise!”

Eventually, walks become a battlefield. You can’t enjoy your walks with your dog because you have become hypervigilant, expecting and anticipating problems around every corner. It can be extremely embarrassing and alienating. People shoot disapproving glares at you or make rude comments when you’re truly doing your best. The worst part: you know your dog is a great dog. You know they’re a sweet, smart, loving goofball, and you want others to see your dog for who they truly are.

I know what you’re going through because I speak from experience.

I have worked diligently with my reactive dog, Bindi, since I adopted her in 2018. I want to help you find the same joy in being with your reactive dog that I found with Bindi along the way. I want to save you time and heartache by guiding you to the right path and avoiding the same mistakes I made when I was first starting out. I want you to feel like you have at least one person in your corner who gets it, and most of all, who knows that you already have a good dog who needs compassion and support in order to overcome their behavior struggles.

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