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Barking and lunging on leash, at the window at home, or anywhere else your dog is experiencing difficulty with their environment.

Better Walks

Tired of getting dragged into next week? Learn about why dogs do what they do and how you can achieve win-win harmony during walks.

Prey Drive

“Ow! There goes my bad shoulder again!” Let’s face it, most dogs were bred to hunt and chase. But they can learn how to channel that energy.

Force-Free, Judgment-Free

Through Positive Reinforcement (R+) and Force-Free methods, learning will be a fun and safe process. My goal is to help you understand what’s going on in your dog’s mind and to give you the knowledge you need to reduce your stress and have a happy partnership with your dog.

All Breeds, All Ages

Every single kind of dog can and does learn through positive reinforcement, reward-based training. I treat every dog as an individual by celebrating their strengths and quirks and by meeting them where they are.

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“How will my dog be treated when training with you?” This is an important question to ask any trainer you may potentially be working with, and you deserve a clear answer with solid promises. Dog training is still yet an unregulated industry, and when dealing with something as precious as our dogs and as serious as behavior, this lack of regulation poses dangers to dogs and humans alike.

I follow guidelines passed down from qualified expert bodies such as The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and one of my personal favorites, the Academy for Dog Trainers, whose research into animal behavior spans several decades. Best practice dictates that dog trainers train without the use of pain, fear, or dominance and instead should use reward-based, force-free, positive reinforcement training methods to attain all behavior goals. I am committed to adhering strictly to these guidelines and maintaining a clear code of ethics. I will never use alpha-mentality, tough love, guilt, force, or any tool that causes pain or fear to teach your dog. Never.
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Meet the Trainer

Melody Knox- PPG Canine Training Professional

Hello! My name is Melody. I’m a dedicated community member, music teacher, dog walker extraordinaire, and, of course, a trainer. I have been proud to call the beautiful state of Oregon home for over 7 years. In my time here, I have spent all of it working with many different species in sanctuaries and in private homes, spanning disciplines such as training, cooperative care, and assisting in medical care. My love of my career as a teacher has naturally flowed into a love for teaching animals, meeting every individual (whether fur or no fur!) where they are with compassion and an endless toolkit of pedagogical approaches. My experience in education helped immensely when learning the principles of dog training, and likewise, I’ve applied a lot of the concepts I’ve learned in dog training to my teaching of humans.

Next to me is my wonderful pup, Bindi, who is the inspiration for the name “The Positive Pittie.” Bindi was rescued in the Houston, TX area after living on the streets. She was discovered to be heartworm positive and very pregnant when she was taken into the shelter. But thanks to the heroic efforts of Gulf Coast STARS Rescue, Bindi was brought into a foster home and safely delivered her babies just days later. After months of grueling but successful heartworm treatment, Bindi was ready to go to a forever home. I saw that face on the adoption website, and I knew she was the one. Bindi landed here in Oregon in December of 2018, and the rest is history. Little did I know how much she would go on to change so many people’s lives, including my own, with her joyful and naturally trusting nature. Through her, I have learned patience, to care less about what others think, to soak up the sun, to greet each new day with the attitude that it’s going to be the best one ever, and not least: I discovered my love for dog training.


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