Services And pricing

Let’s get you and your pup on the right track.

Whether you’re looking for some basic training tips to get you started, or you’re completely overwhelmed with your dog and don’t know where to turn, you’ve come to the right place.

Through positive reinforcement and force-free methods, we’ll work together to help both you and your dog thrive. Not sure if positive reinforcement is the right choice for you? I break down the principles of R+ and force-free training in this post, which animal sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers use to train the largest and potentially most dangerous animals (like big cats and gorillas) to follow cues and even consent to uncomfortable veterinary exams.

Single Training Session: $85*

45-60 minutes
*If you are more than 15 miles from my home, a $10 surcharge will be added for gas, mileage, and time. Feel free to meet me within that 15-mile radius to avoid that charge.

*If you are experiencing financial hardship, please inquire about sliding scale pricing.


Whether you have a puppy, a regressing adolescent, or a new adult dog fresh from the shelter, everyone could use some good foundational work. 


Reactive dogs have my heart– these are my favorite cases to take on! I’ll give you and your dog the tools you need to conquer those big emotions.

Unwanted Behavior

Jumping, barking, not letting go of things, counter surfing, pulling on the leash, you name it. I can help you restore peace to your home.

FREE phone or video call consultation!

Training can be done in-home, around your neighborhood, or at a nearby park.

5-Session Training Package: $375 ($425 Value!)

This package can be purchased at any time, regardless of how many or how few single training sessions you’ve done. The sessions in this package never expire, so you can do regular sessions once a week for 5 weeks, or stretch it out and schedule on an as-needed basis.

Video Call Follow-Up: $30 (30 Minutes)

*This option is only available to clients who have done at least one in-person training session.

This is a great option for clients who need a little refresher on their previous training session or who just want to run a few questions by me.

I believe in:

Connecting with you and your dog on a real and personal level.

Using Positive Reinforcement and Force-Free training: proven to be the most effective and ethical methods, and which yield the best results.

Increasing your and your dog’s happiness through genuine listening and understanding